Secrets of Lease Options On-Line Training

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The Secrets of Lease Options on-line course teaches you how to do Lease Options.

It explains why a lease option is better than a standard rental agreement.

Real Estate Options Offer the Following Powerful Advantages

  • Options give the highest leverage for a minimum investment
  • They are invisible, portable, exchangeable, not attachable and are private
  • Can be used for property, notes, sales contracts, personal property, leases and more
  • Minimum risk. Lead based paint, radon, EPA, sinkholes, flood, down-zone, etc
  • Lowest cost of funds. The benefits of buy down, appreciation, depreciation and credits
  • Can depreciate property without ownership
  • Upon a sale, the optionee can do a 1031 exchange without ever owning the property
  • Many exit choices: sell, seller finance, wraparound, lease, exchange

The book and course contains all the forms you’ll need to create a Lease Option to easily do it yourself (DIY).

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Whether you are new landlord or a pro, this proven step-by-step process on how to close a tenant option.

It contains Cost Yield Analysis and How to Analyze Deal whether or not you should be in it or stay in it. Deal or no deal.  It eliminates getting into risky investments.

Explains everything in layman’s terms.  Even people without any education have described how easy it is. You’ll learn how to process all the correct paperwork.

There’s no other course like it.  No one teaches this correctly.

It provides the following:

  • How to meet or not meet with the tenant optionees, and how deal with them
  • How to prepare for any situations.
  • How to protect your legal rights in dealing with tenants.
  • How to handle improvements and late payments.
  • How to hands the credit and it how it affects the option.
  • It touches are insurance.
  • It covers the best ways to deal with default and provides the appropriate forms.
  • How we handle maintenance.
  • Provides a Notice to Buyers
  • Steps to handles payment methods and credits

For options, courts usually rule than foreclosure and not eviction, but with the system, we have a device

“Contract for Option” and “Contract for Beneficial Interest”

We explain and provide the form. Then tenant does not get the control of the deed until after he fulfills all the terms.

Include a list a recommended reading and list of statues.

Investors use the “Contract for Beneficial Interest” low/down high risk tenant. Upon default, without cost and delay of foreclosure, property are resolved at minimum expense and delay.

Forms for Buying for Lease Purchase and Forms for Selling on a Lease Purchase

How to market and potential tenants. Includes a Rent to Own Ad.

All the forms are short, simple and easy to use.

After you have completed the course you are welcome to call and ask questions.  Though we seldom get calls.

It includes the forms and agreements you’ll need for arrangements with your tenants.

How to address issues that arise. The process will eliminate many potential problems down the road.

So even if you are new landlord, you’ll be able to handle your new and existing tenants like a pro.

For instance, if the tenant/optioned defaults you have the proper steps to take and the agreement in place.

The explains the benefits of a lease option.

For example, tenant/optionees are future home owners, or what we call homeowners in the making.  Most take pride in home ownership and many actually make improvements.

How to deal with bad tenants. Explains some of the issues that come up and how to deal with them.

You should be ready to with answer.

It explains the forms that are provided and how to protect your legal rights when dealing with tenants on improvements, late payments, bad checks and insurance.

It provides a to-do list for several months before closing.

Have all the forms you need to manage your tenant/optionee.

Manage your property like a pro.

You won’t learn /get this anywhere else.

Property Management is one of the industries of highest risk against litigation.

Some of these problems could have been prevented it the correct system was in place.

Attorney Mark Warda and Jack Shea have teamed to share their expertise on who to set a system.

They teach you how to avoid the headaches.

They have share this with thousands of people.

This is not like any other real estate course.  It is practical and provides real tools. That many successful real estate investors use day in and day out.

It is easy to learn and simple to forms. Easy to understand.

To avoid the tactics of the professional tenants.

I’m a real estate investor.

It prevents common problems faced by many landlords.

Whether you are mom-and-pops landlord, large land owner or a property manager. You too can benefit from the material. You can delegate the material to your staff. It will save a lot of time and money.

If you are clueless when it comes to landlording tenants this course for you.

Many successful investors use his system and forms.

Jack and Mark refer to it as an anti-virus program for their operating system.  It prevents attacks.  Stave off bad tenant situations, law suites,

Jack and Mark have devised systems to protect them from loss.  Thousands of investors use the system on a daily basis.

Getting started after a day of study.  You have access to all the forms.

We guarantee you will find this information useful. And risk free opportunity.

This system is the best investment you’ll ever make.  It could save you thousands in possible a law suit and lost time.

After you have completed this course you are welcome to email us with any questions; we would be glad to review your documents.

If you don’t have a right lease agreement you may find yourself in lengthy and costly court battles and tie up your property for months.

I’ve attended a lot of real estate courses, and this one offers the most useful tools.

This system has armed me with against bad tenants and headaches  These tried and true agreements have often held up in front of judges.

It takes the guesswork out of the paperwork.  The forms you buy at a local office supply store aren’t very good.

No amount of college education will prepare you for managing property.  You never know when something goes wrong with the tenant or the property. There are tenant out that will try to get over on you. They will try to get away with not paying the rent, and who will try to stay rent free. You must treat your property like a business.

You can rest easy knowing your tenants don’t know you are the owner.

The tenants can’t find out who the owner is.  It is all handled by a trust.

Why Jack?

Jack is a successful real estate investor, teacher, author of Secrets of Lease Options.  He provides a 1031 exchange service. Jack is personable and helpful. It is a family-run business. He is a person of integrity. He was a Globe Master (large military transport aircraft) commander.

Jack is highly regarded by many local investors.

Jack’s trusty system brought him through 30 years of various markets and including the 2008 real estate crash.

This is a proven system that you can use over and over again.   This takes the burden off not know what to do.

Online video you can watch at the convenience of your home. The is a comprehensive course, it is easy to understand. It is easy to follow along.  Invest a day of learning. Or if you’d rather have a real estate attorney provide a service for you.

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Lease Options


Learn To Create Land Trusts, Options, and Checkbook IRAs with online courses taught by Jack Shea and attorney Mark Warda education and services.  Jack also provides a 1031 Exchange Service.

Land Trusts For Privacy & Profit  $397

This course will teach you how to form trusts, write deeds, operate the trust, partner, finance, and sell the property; safely and privately. It includes a legal summary for all 50 states, 25+ legal forms with asset protection and estate planning strategies developed over 25 years of trust transactions.

Secrets Of Lease Option Profits $387

This course includes unique strategies to control real estate with a minimum investment and risk. Jack outlines how investors with very little money can purchase higher priced properties.  The course also covers how an investor can sell and depreciate the property without ever owning it.

Investing with an IRA: The Complete Map to your Goldmine  $297

Learn how to invest using your IRA.

Jack maps out how to roll over your current retirement plan and how to hold your funds at your local bank with this course.

A special trust is included that allows you to hold real estate and personal property such as notes, mortgages, stocks, bonds, etc.

Less than 2% of IRA owners have checkbook control over their IRA funds.

Pro Package  $835 ($989 Value)

All 3 Courses: Master Trust, Lease Option and the IRA: Map to Your Goldmine

These 3 courses will allow you to raise your investment program to a new level. These tools are essential for any investor.

Because there is a large amount of synergy among these three systems.  Trusts, options and IRA funds are often involved in the same deal. Trusts bring a whole new operating system to your real estate or notes business.  There are several techniques that are only available with trusts; Contract for the Beneficial Interest, Contract for Option, UCC-1 financing to avoid foreclosure, managing and partnering in complete privacy. Options have the highest leverage and the least risk and are essential to any investor. The IRA checkbook trust improves the speed and flexibility of putting IRA funds to work.