Land Trusts and Lease Options Seminars

Q. What are the benefits of a Trust?

A. Privacy, Liability Protection, Avoiding Probate, Keeping Liens and Judgments Off Property, Avoiding Litigation, Ease of Control of Multiple Owners, Ease of Transferability of Interests, Ease of Changing Contingent Beneficiaries.

Q. How do I set up a Trust?

A: Take an on-line course.

Master Trust Class:  Insider Strategies for Utilizing Land Trusts

  • Includes: Land Trust in Florida: For Privacy, Liability Protection, Avoiding Probate, Ease of Ownership, and 30 More Benefits, by Mark Warda, Attorney at Law (235-pp. Includes CD with 35+ forms)
  • The Personal Property Trust. A key strategy for notes, mobiles, vehicles, and LLCs, uses for safety and privacy
  • Sample Deeds, Trusts, Assignments, etc. for class work.
  • IRA Checkbook Trust. Discussion on how to put your IRA funds in your local bank for ease and speed of investing and reinvesting.
  • A New Operating System for real estate and notes and personal property:

– Buying, partnering, financing, managing, selling, borrowing, estate planning, and ten+ layers of asset protection

– New tools only available with Trusts.  Contract for Beneficial Interest, Contract for Option, Lease of Beneficial Interest, etc.

– Liability, Reduce Litigation, Quick Foreclosure, Private Sale Price Easy Transfer, and more

Options Plus + Advanced Strategies

Presented by Jack Shea, Investor and Author.

The only seminar in the US that shows you how to control real and personal property using proven documents that produce more profit and no risk

Includes book: Secrets of Lease Option Profits: Unique Strategies Using Virtual Options…and More. By Jack Shea Real Estate Investor and Mark Warda, Attorney at Law. Includes Forms CD

  • How to find and finance without banks
  • Less tax = More profit option 1031 strategy
  • Be a lender without need to foreclose
  • Option loans, Avoid usury, Change tax year
  • Defer capital gains, Borrow interest free
  • SuperCharge IRA w/Options, Leverage without debt
  • Sell depreciation, Protect Equity & 15+ Ideas